British Columbia precision rifle championship

British Columbia Precision Rifle Championship

The BCRA Precision Rifle Championship is Canada's premier precision rifle event.

Drawing competitors from across Canada and the U.S. it is a showcase of top tier marksmen from the ranks of police, military and civilians alike.

Shot by teams of two, shooters and spotters swap roles during each match. Solo competitors are assigned a teammate at registration. Results are tabulate individually and by teams.

With a Course of Fire spread across three days, competitors are tested with a array of challenges ranging from sub M.O.A. dots, target discrimination at 400m and movers at 300m - 600m. Additional matches involve shooting from roof tops, your spotters body and behind barricades.

Experienced shooters will find themselves challenged. With the opportunity to be tested on a broad variety of simulations unique to this venue.

Come test your skills against your peers in the hotly contested race to be the best in Western Canada.

New to precision shooting? We invite you to come out and see what it's all about. You will be exposed to some of the challenges the discipline demands as well as the opportunity for mentorship. The best practice for this match is to shoot this match. Everyone had a first time they shot from a roof or at moving targets and for many it is this match. You will find the match challenging and rewarding on several levels... The key to winning this match is to make the fewest mistakes.

The organizers of the British Columbia Precision Rifle Championship would like to thank all the sponsors that contributed to this years Match. Your support of the BC Precision Rifle Championship is greatly appreciated. This years Match was well attended. There has been a great deal of positive feed back from the participants. The organizing committee will take their enthusiastic support and with the generosity of our sponsors provide a bigger and better event next year. We look forward to having this years sponsors back next year and welcome new sponsors that want to be part of this one of a kind event.

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